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Mr. Hipster

What We Do

We love all digital mediums!

Hipster [hipster]

A person characterized by a particularly strong desire to be on the cutting-edge.

Full Stack [fulstak]

A team that works together to design, code and integrate customer experience into client websites.

Responsive [rispänsiv]

Looks good on big monitors, smart phones and everything in between.

Ain't no mountain high enough.


Strabo Tours - PhotoTC


App & Web Development

Sportster Apps has that perfect combination of inspired idea, motivated leadership and solid, clear direction that makes this project an absolute treat to work on. is the home of the Sportser iOS application (coming soon), which will give families the tools they need to develop strong, smart and happy athletes.

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Go Lafayette

Go Lafayette

CollaborationWeb Development

The people of Lafayette, CA needed a way to make an informed choice about how to get around town quickly and sustainably. Enter HipsterCreative. We worked on GoLafayette in conjunction with the creative teams at Conflare and Hammerhead Design, and focused on the technical development aspects of the site.

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Tiny Little Monster

Get A Nice Can

Toter, A Wastequip, LLC Brand

CollaborationWeb Development

Concentriccame to us needing some assistance implementing a project on a tight timeline. They delivered to our team high fidelity designs and we collaborated on the final specifications based on the needs of the Toter brand. The results speak for themselves.

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The Hipsters
LeeZilla, the mic rula, the old schoola, you want a trip, I'll bring it to ya!
Madison, friend of bears and other quadrupedal omnivores.
Kevia - To define is to limit.
Maggie - Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.

Lee Hilton

Sr. DeveloperDark Overlord

Lee is the owner and lead developer of Hipster Creative. After nearly burning his hand off at Almond Roca manufacturers Brown & Haley as a youth, he decided that manual labor was really more of a hobby type thing. He returned to the digital realms and refined his skills over years of all nighters and hair pulling product launches.He is a proud Elder of the Internet, currently seated as Arbiter.

Madison Merica

DesignerBear Whisperer

Madison flew into Hipster Creative from the wilds of Montana on a glorious bald eagle filled with hope and fabulous design taste. Her personal style is a mix of whimsy and wonderful that she can eschew at will when it is time to do a business. She has mad illustration and design skills and is fluent in the dialect of Butters Stotch.

Kevia Cloud


Kevia is an endless, perennial entity of web development. His"super strong prescription glasses" are simply a cover for the space stabilizing lenses that allow him to see the passage time as mere humans do. We can only assume that this is true, as hiscoding skills continue improve faster than is reasonable for anyone born of our world.

Margaret Hilliard

Project ManagerLogophile

Margaret is a nerd wrangler of the highest caliber. She does all things"office," including project management, money stuff, koala lullabies, and HR. In a previous incarnation it is suspected that she was the typewriter on which Hemingway wrote several of his greatest works. It certainly explains how aggressively she works to clarify copy and document the undocumented.

Ain't no mountain high enough.
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Located in the heart ofTacoma, Washington, we are an easy distance from both Seattle and Olympia.

(206) 745-2064

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