So, I’ve been working with the glorious angel faces who are Jenny Rearick and Sloan Coleman on their site, Tiny Little Monster is a St. Louis based custom T-shirt company. They do their shirts all squeegee style and awesome-sauce and they are absolutely amazing to work with!

The Problem

One day I am approached by Sloan, and she says to me, “Karl, I have this fabulous T-shirt printing situation going on, but the site just isn’t everything that we were looking for.” That was a problem. Sloan knows her stuff, and she knows that in order for a site to increase the profitability of your business, it has to keep people’s attention. It wasn’t responsive so it was hard to view on phones and tablets. It also didn’t have a lot of the features that she had seen and wanted for herself. One of the most important factors was getting the site to work more like a storefront. Jenny and Sloan make these T-shirts from home, so there wasn’t really an easy way to make a sale.” She needed a way for customers to easily find an estimate of their order cost, what kind of deals they could get, and a way to place an order for their shirts. Third party sites like and were just not cutting it for them, and they needed a way to make their business more lucrative in order for them to expand.

The Solution

That’s where we come in! The first order of business for us was creating a CSS for their site. CSS stands for cascading style sheets, and this site’s theme needed to be redone from the ground up if we were to give Tiny Little Monster all the features and usability that they desired. Theirs was totally custom, and tailored specifically to their needs.

Our next project was making the site responsive. This is an absolute must nowadays for a storefront style website, as more people are shopping on their leisure time from phones and tablets. When we do this, we need to figure out where the pages will break, and at what point of shrinkage that needs to happen. See, a site’s style sheet can only get so small before it’s illegible. If you visit your Facebook on multiple devices, you already know that developers have to find different ways to display things like navigation in order to keep a good look without losing functionality. The same goes for sliders, content blocks, contact forms, etc.

We also wanted to give Tiny subnavigation to increase the amount of content they could have one their site without losing the great feel that they created. They are now able to expand the number of products they carry because they have the space to show them on their easy to navigate site. Another reason that adding subnavigation was important is that we live in a society of savvy consumers, people who have been lied to and fooled by sales gimmicks in the past. They want to find out as much about a company or product as they can before making a purchase. In the case of many products, no news is bad news! Furthermore, the bigger the purchase and cost of an order, the more people will research their options. For a company that specializes in large shirt orders like Tiny Little Monster, these people want to learn as much as possible. Giving the company the option of including these subpages with more frequently asked questions and descriptions enables them to give their potential consumers more information. These customers make better buying decisions, like the decision to use Tiny Little Monster!


The results portion is the best part of what we do. After we launched the new and improved version of Tiny Little Monster, the orders started pouring in! Rather than worrying about a website that didn’t reflect how amazing Tiny Little Monster is, they only have to worry about filling all of the orders that are coming in! Don’t take my word for it! Sloan says, “Karl and the Hipster Creative team was the cat’s pajamas to work with! The added features and tools Hipster Creative provided us with, paired with our stellar SEO boost from the team at increased our sales over 400% the month of the site launch. This allowed all kinds of fun things like moving into a storefront and out of our house, hiring our first employee and snagging an intern. We can’t give you enough thanks!”

We were so happy to work with these fantastic little monsters. And the best part? If we ever need to order custom T-shirts, we know just who to call!

Karl Moss

About Author: Karl Moss

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